Beach 2

Beach 2 is accessed off of Soundview Rd. At the end of the road, take the middle driveway. Please note this is private property and walk whenever possible.  The parking area is on the south east side of the railroad tracks. There is room for only 3 cars on the left/south (grass/gravel) end of the parking area. If there is no parking available, please park in the turn out on Chuckanut Drive (across from the fire station) or at home, and walk back to the beach. Overnight parking is not allowed. The north (paved) end of the parking area is privately owned and cars will be towed if parked in that area. The trail can be found across the tracks and just south of the concrete private rail crossing. Use care crossing the tracks and continue down the path to the beach. There are racks for 24 kayaks and 9 dinghies. There is also a lovely memorial bench in memory of David Lyndsay just north of the dinghy rack. Be aware of adjoining properties – if you wander off beach association property you are on private property. Please respect all neighbors’ private property.

Please contact the beach steward if your beach going group is 10 or more or if you have any comments or questions.

Don Osterloh: or  360-319-2425