1. Chuckanut Beaches Association is not responsible for damage incurred to, or caused by, stored watercraft, nor is it responsible for authorized or unauthorized use thereof.
  2. Watercraft of currently paid in full members may be stored at the member’s discretion on the racks provided by the association at Beaches 1, 2, 3 and 4. Boat racks and overnight watercraft storage are not allowed on Beach 5.
  3. Members must affix their name and contact information to the end of the watercraft where it is visible without having to move the craft. There is a two (2) watercraft limit per membership unless a member has purchased a Family Space.
  4. Watercraft shall not be stored overnight on the intertidal zone of any of the beaches.
  5. The storage of boat trailers and other private property (other than crab pots) is not allowed on any CBA beaches. The storage of gasoline and other fuels is prohibited. The use of a hand operated dolly for watercraft is limited to Beaches 1 and 3. Dollies must be parked in a designated site, one dolly (1) per membership.
  6. If a watercraft or dolly is stored in a way that restricts other users of the beaches, the board of directors shall notify the watercraft owner and request that a more appropriate storage site be selected if available. It is intended that this action be carried out in a cooperative manner, however, the board of directors has final authority to act.
  7. To register a stored watercraft yearly, a fee of $50.00 per dinghy/ rowboat, and $25.00 per canoe, kayak or paddle board/sup shall be submitted to the Chuckanut Beaches Association, along with the member’s name, address, phone number, description of the watercraft, and intended location. A storage space will be assigned by the Board of Directors. The assigned storage space will be available each year to the member as long as they have paid their membership dues and watercraft storage fees by the due date of April 1st each year AND they store a watercraft in the space during the summer season. If the member has not paid their fees or have a craft stored in the space, they forfeit their space and it will be assigned to another member in good standing.
  8. Watercraft in non-compliance shall be impounded and then removed after a reasonable effort is made to notify the owner. Watercraft removed from the beaches for failure to pay storage, or comply with these regulations, shall be disposed of by the association.